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The foundation of a successful business is not regulations and laws, but relationships. At SageHaus Legal, we help you establish and manage your principal business relationships, including but not limited to the following:

  • Service providers
  • Product suppliers and vendors
  • Administrative agencies
  • Clients and customers
  • Employees and non-employee workers
  • Special stakeholders (such as affiliates, collaborators, and sponsors)

SageHaus Legal delivers your legal services using three distinct relationship approaches – Legal Coaching, Legal Consulting, and Legal Counsel.

Your business’ circumstances are as unique as you are and a one-size-fits-all approach to legal services rarely fits most. We developed our proprietary business model to enable you to create a highly-personalized legal plan for your business.*

Scaling today starts tomorrow.

Our Process Pillars


We collaborate with you to pick, plan, and prioritize strategic action steps fitted to your goals.


We collaborate with you to design sophisticated solutions tailored to your desired results.


We collaborate with you to implement smart systems and processes customized to your purposes.

* Exceptions may apply.

Our Signature Services

SageHaus Legal supports your key executive decision-makers to help you scale your business.

Choose a Signature Service and you will also be entitled to exclusive pricing on select additional services. Personalize a Signature Service or contact us to create one for you.

Receive a practical management and operations review for assessing your legal compliance or planning your next steps. 

Choose a general Legal Assessment or focus on high-priority matters, such as your employee, independent contractor, or vendor relationships.

Your Legal Assessment includes Strategic Planning Calls and a Legal "PlayBook" detailing our recommended strategy and solutions.

Receive efficient strategy and solutions for enhancing your essential collection of business contracts/templates. 

  • Contract/Template Design Bundle:  Create 2-5 contracts
  • Contract/Template Refine Bundle:  Revise 2-5 contracts
  • Contract/Template Review Bundle:  Review 2-5 contracts

Choose a Contract/Template Bundle for a specific type of relationship or create your own eclectic combination.

Your Contract/Template Bundle includes Strategic Planning Calls and a Legal "PlayBook" for systematizing your contracts/templates.

Receive comprehensive strategy, solutions, and support for creating or streamlining your systems and processes. 

  • Legal Consulting: Legal Coaching plus Contract/Template Review and legal research
    (3 months or 6 months)
  • Legal Counsel: Legal Consulting plus Contract/Template Refine or Design
    (6 months or 12 months)(As appropriate, we may recommend a Legal Assessment before or with a Legal Counsel Membership Subscription.) 

Choose targeted support or an ongoing relationship.

Your Membership Subscription includes Strategic Planning Calls and periodic Legal "PlayBooks" for managing your milestones and progress. 

** We are one of the first, if not the first, U.S. law firms to offer “Legal Coaching, Legal Consulting, and Legal Counsel” exclusively for non-litigation business-related legal services. Learn more about creating a unique legal services plan for your business.

Our A La Carte Services

While we value lasting relationships, we understand that you may want to start with a single strategic goal. Contact us to discuss a la carte options, including but not limited to the following:

  • Pre-Formation “Promoter” Agreement
  • Capital Contributions Agreement
  • General/Limited/Professional Partnership Agreement
  • LLC or PLLC Operating Agreement
  • Corporation Bylaws
  • Buy-Sell Agreement

Also see “Special Advantages.”

  • Influencer Agreement
  • Collaboration Agreement
  • Co/Cross/Joint Promotion Agreement
  • Content Creation Agreement
  • Course/Instructional Design Agreement
  • Affiliate Agreement
  • Keynote Speaker/Presenter Agreement
  • Release (appearance, depiction, participation, art/photo, location) 
  • Joint Venture/Profit Sharing/Strategic Affiliation Agreement

Also see “Special Advantages.”

  • Proposal
  • Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Master Service Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Refund Policy
  • Privacy Notice
  • Disclaimer of Warranty

Also see “Special Advantages.”

  • Offer Letter/Employment Agreement
  • Employee Handbook
  • Separation/Severance/Settlement Agreement
  • Non-Employee Classification Assessment
  • Independent Contractor/Sub-Contractor Agreement
  • Apprenticeship/Apprenticeship Agreement
  • EEOC Case Assessment
  • EEOC Case Support (Employee Charge or Employer Response) 

Also see “Special Advantages.”

  • Research 
  • Legal Brief or Memorandum
  • Demand Letter/Cease and Desist Letter (or Response)
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Custom Contract/Template 

Also see “Special Advantages.”

  • Business Plan or Business Succession Plan
  • Limitations on Rights
    • Non-Competition Agreement
    • Non-Solicitation Agreement
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)/Confidentiality Agreement
    • Exclusivity Agreement
  • Arbitration Agreement
  • Negotiation of contract terms and conditions
  • Demand Letter/Cease and Desist Letter (or Response)
  • Negotiation/Mediation of contract dispute 
  • Negotiation/Mediation of defamation dispute
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Work Made for Hire Agreement
  • Assignment of Invention Agreement
  • Digital Marketing Compliance (Website, Social Media, Email/SMS)

Choose the SageHaus Legal difference.

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