I was “that” kid – the one who read encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses for fun. I soon realized I preferred dictionaries and thesauruses.

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Facts were fun, but “meaning” was more meaningful. Then, I became “that” attorney – the one who read contracts, contract drafting tips, and legal opinions about contracts for fun. I had no way of knowing that my childhood fixation would lead to a career that involves so much reading and writing, but I’m glad it did.

As a naturally inquisitive person, “why” is one of my favorite and least favorite words. While it can seem sarcastic, confrontational, or even rhetorical, it often begins the first, most important, or only question that needs to be answered. As a self-proclaimed “pre-fixer” (and word nerd), I rely heavily on “why” to help unlock purpose, intent, and expectation.

If the past is any indicator of the future, behind all successful businesses lie successful business relationships. Each relationship has the potential to create at least one contract and each contract creates at least one relationship. I serve entrepreneurs who are starting, scaling, and sustaining businesses, by helping them navigate relationships in a way that is specifically intended to protect their assets. Since much of my work involves contracts and contractual relationships, you might say I’m a business relationship broker of sorts.

My client relationships are rooted in my passion for helping entrepreneurs, service providers, and creatives of all types use their natural talents to establish legacies and generational wealth. I often say my internal left-brainer views creative tasks through a logical lens, while my internal right-brainer views logical tasks through a creative lens. This natural talent equips me to support visionaries in designing strategies that help them create the futures they desire.

Inside Scoop

  • Certified Business and Entrepreneurship Coach
  • Written songs (one commissioned), poetry (several published), stage plays, fiction, and narrative nonfiction
  • Appeared in commercials, in independent films, on stage, and in musical recordings
  • Sing tenor and often played “male” characters
  • Owned and choreographed for a dance troupe (amongst other business endeavors)

Brainy Stuff

  • Licensed in North Carolina and practicing under ABA Model Rule 5.5 and North Carolina RPC 5.5
  • North Carolina Central University School of Law
    • Dean’s List
    • Law Review Editor
    • Trial Competition Award
    • Moot Court Competition Award
    • Speech Competition Award
  • Harvard University – The Divinity School
  • Spelman College
  • Alabama School of Mathematics and Science
  • Pro Bono
    • Wills Clinic
    • Mediation Clinic
    • Immigration Clinic
    • Mock Court Mentor
    • Law Student Mentor
    • Client Counseling Competition Judge
    • The Rosie Network – “Subject Matter Expert”


These are the not so frequently asked questions that we wish business people would ask us more. For answers, see our (N)FAQs.

My company operates from one state but I have an employee working remotely from another state. If there's ever a dispute with my employee, which state's laws will matter most?

I'm considering registering an LLC to own investment property. Can I serve as the property manager?

My company hired an independent contractor and contracted her out to my clients as a “consultant.” Why is my state now saying she was actually an employee?

I'm starting a business with someone I trust 100%. We don't really need to sign a written agreement, do we?

I've heard that noncompete agreements have basically been banned. Should my company even bother using them in our employment agreements or independent contractor agreements?

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